Raspberry Pi 4 gets Kali Linux, a distro aimed at ethical hackers

Although only a 32-bit version is available now, with 64-bit coming soon

Following hot on the heels of the Raspberry Pi 4 hitting the shelves, specialist security distro Kali Linux – which is used by ethical hackers – has been made available for the compact computer board.

You can grab Kali Linux for the Raspberry Pi 4 right here (under the Raspberry Pi Foundation heading, naturally). However, only the 32-bit version is ready to roll at the moment, although the 64-bit variant should arrive in the near future according to the developer Offensive Security.

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If you’re thinking of installing the distro, then the method of doing so is identical to previous versions of the Raspberry Pi, so you can follow the existing installation instructions for the Raspberry Pi 3.

Raspberry Pi 4

Feedback required

Offensive Security notes that it’s excited to bring Kali to the Raspberry Pi 4, and that the OS comes with an on-board Wi-Fi monitor mode and frame injection support. Further work is promised on the distro, as obviously this is an initial build, and the developer wants your feedback on the Kali forums.

Kali features on our list of the best Linux distros for privacy and security. It’s the most popular penetration testing distro out there (the process whereby attacks are simulated on systems, by ethical hackers, with the aim of strengthening those systems against real hackers), with hundreds of built-in tools for those who want to get more serious about their security.

As for the Raspberry Pi 4, the latest version makes some big promises, including entry-level desktop PC performance at an extremely cheap price – and it delivers on that front, more or less, although as we observed in our review, there are some heat issues.