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Role of Artificial Intelligence in E-Learning Industry By Think To Share

Education as we know it is outdated and it is outdated for quite a while. Compared to every other industry the education industry has not been able to keep up with the times in integrating various advanced technologies such as deep learning, machine learning another advance analytics. This makes the education industry a case of missed opportunity which holds a lot of potential.

From curated educational content catered to particular individual needs to the implementation of AI learning techniques in the classroom, there is a lot that can be done by integrating education with artificial intelligence.

The greatest benefit of bringing AI innovation into the e-learning industry is the additional interest it will generate among students to innovate in the industry. This interest in not only the learning content but as well as the learning technology will allow innovation to reach new heights in technology and innovation in the world.

AI innovation in eLearning will also allow these students to go out into the world in whichever career they choose and implement AI techniques such as machine learning and deep learning coupled with human intelligence as well as other techniques like speech recognition to further advance their own industries.

Luckily this is happening as we speak yes various artificial intelligent based learning platforms are taking the centre stage and encouraging students to get into AI. Let us see how AI innovation in the e-learning industry is transforming the education sector and what else can we do to help quicken the process.


One of the greatest breakthroughs AI technology has brought to the education sector is smart content. The difference between regular content and smart content is that regular content has been here for hundreds of years and that includes text and pictures and some audio-visual. What AI has brought to the table is smart interaction between the student and the reading material. From customizable detailed interfaces that interact with the input to catered individual content that is specific to the individual who is trying to learn it. There are many equations to one answer and depending on the child the teaching technique and the learning technique may be different and therefore AI is bringing this customizability into eLearning.


One of the toughest challenges that were faced by educators in the past was data analysis and that included the simple things like correcting the test results to complex things like adding and subtracting various parts of the syllabus depending upon the child’s interest and their abilities. Without concrete analytical data and inaccurate analytical data, pinpointing the points of failure in the syllabus and rectifying them was impossible. With eLearning, the teachers can get an exact assessment of how the courses are working for the students and add and subtract various parts of the syllabus according to the requirements. Let’s say that the children are learning about history and they are finding it difficult to learn Egyptian history. In a traditional approach, the solution would be to emphasise more Egyptian history by simply forcing it down the necks of the students and with eLearning the difference is that the teachers are being notified and therefore they can implement various customized explanations and courses that are designed from scratch depending upon the student’s needs like suggesting various documentaries, organising various virtual tours of the Pyramids, creating a poem to make the children remember the names of the Pharaohs etc.


Ask any educator and they will tell you how difficult it is to create courses. The current courses in the education system without AI technology are the result of trial and error spanning decades, if not centuries and they have stayed the same. One of the most significant reasons why people do not like to change courses is that they have to create new courses and creating new courses means analysing all the available data throughout the years and making critical changes to them. Even after going through all this the process is not 100% perfect and can sometimes lead to irregularities and the only way to know if this course is working is to find out the success rates of the students. This is not simple data crunching but deep analysis with advanced analytics and the eLearning industry and AI innovations have made monumental changes to this. The changes include listening to the time of creating new courses because AI can crunch through data at extraordinary speed and then apply it to real-life scenarios in order to create a course. This is not an experiment but it is the practical application of machine learning wherein all the results that are being produced are already out there and machine learning has simply learnt from them.


 One of the best benefits that AI innovation has brought into eLearning is the assistance of teachers. From creating AI courses to assist teachers as well as prompting notes in their smart devices and much more. With AI, tutors are starting to get the long-deserved assistance they need, for example whenever some student asks any question in the class, AI voice recognition systems swing into action and understand the question and then display the right notes in the teacher’s smart device. This technology is ground-breaking also because there can be AI chatbots that will resolve the student’s doubts long before they have to take it to their teacher. There are endless possibilities to this, it just matters how we use them to what extent.

The best thing about e-learning is that the benefits it provides do not end here. With e-learning, students will be interested and inspired to work more on artificial intelligence and innovate in whatever field they excel in the future. This will advance the technology even more and help younger generations get into AI. This cyclic effect is going to advance humanity into a world where humans and AI will be working together for the advancement of humanity and that all begins with eLearning.

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